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Top 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Run The Riverside Dash

Are you a well-seasoned runner? Or are you just dipping your toes into the sport? Where ever your place is in the running world, Riverside Dash offers race paths fit for both.

Runners can register for either the Allegiant 15K or the Florida Hospital/Centra Care 5K. Whether you’re a runner who prefers distance running or you’re just running for fun, there’s a race for you.

So, put on your running shoes and get outside. Here are the top 4 reasons you should sign up for the Riverside Dash:

Beautiful Scenery

The Riverside Dash takes runners on a run along the beautiful St. Johns River at sunrise. This offers runners a gorgeous view of the sun coming up over the water, adding positive energy that helps drive runners to the finish line. The St. Johns River, the longest river in the state, is a special part of Florida that our runners get to experience at its best.

Charged up Atmosphere

 If you are still in need of more motivation, the enthusiastic volunteers of Riverside Dash are there along the race to provide it. There are volunteers scattered all along the race path at water stations helping to cheer you on with the rest of the community who want to see you at the finish line.

Free Food!

 Running is a good way to burn off energy so after the race, relax and restore your energy with a beer by the water and a plate of pancakes. There is no need to fret about packing or storing food for after the race. You can satisfy that post race hunger with a warm, fresh plate of pancakes and leave the lunch boxes at home.

Running Community Interaction

To wrap up all the excitement, the post-race celebration not only offers free food, but also the opportunity to interact with fellow race participants. Congratulate each other on a good race and take the opportunity to form new connections, find a running group in your area, or learn tips from other runners.

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