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Want to take up running but don’t know where to start?

Here are some tips for beginning runners

Start slow and plan your goals

If you are going to take up running, you should start at a pace and distance that works for your fitness level. Don’t expect to jump out of bed one morning and sprint five miles before breakfast if you have not been a regular runner in the past. Start slow with shorter distances so you can build up your endurance over time. It is smart to plan out your runs with weekly or monthly goals where you can increase the distance of your runs or time your goals on an interval schedule. Creating a plan for gradual improvement will help ensure you don’t over-exert your limits or fall short of your expectations when striving for your running goals.

Be prepared

Don’t let not having any clean running clothes or not setting your alarm be the reason you missed your run. Be prepared and committed to running. Have your clothes laid out for you the night before along with anything else you might need on your run, such as a bottle of water or headphones. Give yourself enough time to run without the stress of trying to get somewhere else immediately after and set reminders to run if needed. Planning a running routine where you run consistently at the same time of day and for the same amount of time will help make running a habit and keep you on track with your running goals.

Wear the right gear

When you initially begin running, an important step should be buying yourself the right gear for the task. You want your first runs to be a positive experience so that you feel motivated to continue on. Wearing uncomfortable, baggy clothes or shoes with not enough support gives your mind reason to believe running is not worth the trouble. Choosing to run in shoes that are not supportive enough could also be damaging by potentially causing injury. Investing in some good exercise clothes and proper shoes can give you the edge you need to continue running toward your goals. Also, consider using an arm band for your phone music while you run; listening to upbeat music can help get you to the mental space you need to finish your run for the day.

Connect with other runners

Having support is one of the most beneficial tools for someone who wants to take up running. Whether it’s through people you already know or from an online community, make connections with other runners and build a support team you can rely on. Finding other runners can keep you on routine by pushing you to get out and run with them. Connecting with running groups can help grow your sense of community and friendship that fuels your excitement to run.

Sign up for a race!

Running a race is a powerful part of becoming a runner because it is often what changes the running experience from a hobby to a passion. The energy of a race is unlike any individual running experience. It’s a chance to test the skills you’ve worked so hard to build, and to do alongside so many other who share that same passion.

If you want to test your running skills, sign up for Riverside Dash and meet many other runners who share your passion!

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