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Ways to Stand Out on Race Day

Customize it!

There are a few tricks you can use to trick out your everyday running sneakers for race day.

A simple trick is to simply swap out your normal white or black laces for a new bright colored pair or a set with patterns. When you are putting in your new laces you can slide beads or charms into the crosses for an extra pop. If you really want to go the extra mile, fabric paints or markers can be used to color your own custom designs into your sneakers!

Sock ‘em dead!

It’s easy to find a pair of crazy patterned, colorful socks to wear and mix and match to make your run styled to your liking. If you run regularly, think about investing in a pair of compression socks to increase circulation and reduce the lactic acid build-up you sometimes feel after a good run. They also come in a variety of bright, fun colors, so it’s a win-win.

Paint the streets!

Not literally, but you can use face-paints and colored hair-sprays or glitter to give yourself that extra shine on race day. You can go as far or as simple as you want, from painting your whole face into one of your favorite characters to just giving yourself a couple war paint strips.

*Note: If you are planning to do this you should pay extra attention to the weather. If it is going to rain the day of the race or be extra hot where you will sweat excessively, be cautious about what you put onto your face. Paints can drip into your eyes and mouth if you are not careful and cause discomfort or harm.

Make it a party!

You can pump up the excitement on race day by dressing up in a crazy costume on your own or doing it with a partner, a group of friends, or maybe your coworkers. Dressing up like one of your favorite cartoon characters is sure to grab some attention as you run by. Your Riverside Dash team can stand out together by simply coordinating colors, or investing in matching t-shirts. Some fun and simple accessories to race with could be coordinating to have colored bandanas, hats, tutus, or beads!

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